Following is a list of the current committees of the Baldwin Square Homeowners Association along with their description and current members. Volunteer to serve on a committee!

Modifications/Deed Restrictions Committee

BSHA Board Members


  1. Assist the Board in the monitoring of exterior home improvements.
  2. Review and act on all applications that are submitted for home improvements within the required forty-five (45) day period.
  3. Advise the Board of the Committee's decision on all applications. If an application is to be denied, advise the Board of reasons for the denial.
  4. Assist the Board in heightening the community's awareness of the procedures and guidelines as they relate to home improvements.
  5. Inform the Board of any applications submitted directly to the Committee to ensure that the Association's records are kept up to date.
  6. Assist the Board in developing supplemental information that will be published and utilized in the review of all applications.

Modification Request: Link to pdf

Townhome and Townhome Site Modifications, Construction, Installations and Alterations:
Any and all changes to the exterior of your Townhome or the Townhome Site require the approval of the Modifications Committee. A homeowner is required to submit an application describing the modification and no work should commence until the application is approved. This application can be emailed, faxed or mailed to PMG.

The Modifications Committee has created, and the Board has adopted, BSHA Design Guidelines which will assist a homeowner with proposed changes. The Amended and Restated Declarations of Covenants and Restrictions for Baldwin Square (Deed Restrictions) supersede the Design Guidelines and have exclusive jurisdiction over any modifications, additions or alterations made to Townhomes or Townhome Sites.


DEED RESTRICTIONS: Board of Directors

  1. Assist the Board in the monitoring of violations and compliance to the Deed Restrictions through routine inspections.
  2. Provide feedback on curb appeal goals.
  3. Offer verification of suspected violations or complaints.
  4. Attempt to heighten the community's awareness of the importance of a strong deed restriction enforcement program.

Parking Regulations:
Parking regulations were adopted by the Board of Directors of the Baldwin Square Homeowners Association in April, 2006. BSHA Homeowners were apprised of the regulations in a letter dated May 1, 2006. Vehicles left unattended, parking or encroaching on any common area, including, but not limited to, the common driveways, landscaped areas and lawns, are in violation of the regulations and are subject to towing.

Communications Committee

Inactive Committee

  1. Prepare and distribute an informative semi-annual newsletter subject to approval by the Board. The following are the general guidelines for the newsletter: (i) Inform residents about the Association and its purpose - its structure, role and objectives - and of developments and activities of the Association; (ii) Keep residents informed of progress in the growth and development of the community; (iii) Notify residents of Committee and General Membership meetings; (iv) Notify residents on the status of activities of the various committees; and (v) Do not use the newsletter as a forum for issue-taking, keeping all contents apolitical.
  2. Make recommendations to the Board on expanding and broadening the content of the newsletter.
  3. Gather and edit reports and general articles from each Committee for inclusion in each newsletter issue. If an article is not published or substantially edited, the article's author must be notified prior to the distribution of the newsletter.
  4. Notify Committee Chairmen of deadline dates for newsletter articles.
  5. Keep the Board informed on news and information that would be interesting and beneficial to the General Membership and make recommendations on newsletter articles.
  6. Assist the Board in disseminating information to the residents when it cannot be included in the regularly published newsletter.
  7. Prepare and distribute a neighborhood directory including resident names, addresses and phone numbers. Update annually.

Community Watch/Safety Committee

Eric Botts

  1. Increase the residents' awareness of safety issues affecting their homes and community.
  2. Develop a network that will enable the dissemination of information relating to the Committee and other vital issues in an efficient and effective way.
  3. Assist and advise on an identification system for vehicles that would assist residents and law enforcement officials in identifying suspicious vehicular activity.

Finance Committee

Inactive Committee

  1. Assist the Board in the preparation of the operating budget for the upcoming year.
  2. Assist the Board in the review of budgeted expenditures versus actual expenses.
  3. Solicit input from all Committees as to their "wish list" for the upcoming budget years.
  4. Provide input to the Board when an assessment increase or special assessment is necessary.
  5. Assist the Board in reallocation of budget funds when necessary.
  6. Assist the Board in preparing the notice of assessment and distribution of the budget to the general membership.
  7. Assist the Board and/or outside public accounting firm in any audit function upon request by the Board of Directors.

Landscape Committee

Clay Ellisor, Mike Oelke, Dianne Reece

  1. Evaluate the common area(s) in regard to landscape and horticultural needs; research and make recommendations to the Board, including design specifications, priority items and cost analysis.
  2. Provide helpful information to residents on plant and lawn care through the newsletter.
  3. Provide input into the contract specifications when the landscape contract is being prepared and submitted for bids.
  4. Assist the Board to ensure that the contract specifications and performance standards are being met by the landscape contractor.
  5. Offer volunteers to plant the seasonal flowers in designated areas twice a year to control related costs in the operating budget. Confirm volunteers are available well in advance.

Social/Welcome Committee

Inactive Committee

  1. Recommend to the Board and develop social events for the general membership to build a sense of neighborhood and community.
  2. Address special interests of different age levels, who represent a variety of activity interests, in planning social events.
  3. Provide Welcome Package to new residents.

Midtown T.I.R.Z. Committee

Inactive Committee

  1. Attend meetings of the MIDTOWN T.I.R.Z.
  2. Communicate with the Board regarding issues discussed at the District's meetings.
  3. Assist the Board in communicating with the District regarding issues of importance to the Association.
  4. Attempt to get residents appointed to the Board of the Midtown T.I.R.Z.


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