BSHA Annual Meetings

Annual Meeting: Nov 9, 2017; Election to 2018 Board: Roger Neal
2017 Board: Michael Holloway (Pres), Andrae Turner (VP), Pete Richard (Sec/Treas.)

Annual Meeting: Nov 3, 2016; Election to 2017 Board: Pete Richard
2016 Board: Thomas George (Pres), Michael Holloway (VP), Mike Ruggerio (Sec/Treas.)

Annual Meeting: Nov 5, 2015; Election to 2016 Board: Mike Ruggerio & Michael Holloway
2015 Board: Michael Oelke (Pres), Thomas George (VP), Deborah Flores(Sec/Treas.)

Annual Meeting: November 6, 2014; Election to 2015 Board: Thomas George
2014 Board: Michael Oelke (Pres), Roger Neal (VP), Deborah Flores(Sec/Treas.)

Annual Meeting: November 13, 2013; Election of 2014 Board
2013 Board: Michael Oelke (Pres), Roger Neal (VP), William Kellar (Sec/Treas.)

2012 Board: D. Reece (Pres), Bill Kellar (VP), Mike Oelke (Sec)
Annual Meeting: Nov. 8, 2012; Election to 2013 Board: Roger Neal

Annual Meeting: Dec 8, 2011; Election of 2012 Board
2011 Board: Bill Kellar (Pres), Bill Crawford (VP), Dianne Reece (Sec)

Annual Meeting: Nov 11, 2010; Election of 2011 Board
2010 Board: O.Esch (Pres), Bill Kellar (VP), Mita Young (Sec)

Annual Meeting: Nov 19, 2009; Election of 2010 Board
2009 Board: O.Esch (Pres), Jason LeCompte (VP), Mita Young (Sec)

Annual Meeting: Nov. 13, 2008; Election of 2009 Board
2008 Board: O.Esch (Pres), Jason LeCompte (VP), Michael Oelke (Sec)

Annual Meeting: Nov. 14, 2007; Election of 2008 Board
2007 Board: Bill Crawford (Pres), O.Esch (VP), Mike Oelke (Sec)

Annual Meeting: Nov. 15, 2006; Election of 2007 Board
2006 Board: Bill Crawford (Pres), O.Esch (VP), Scott Rose (Sec)

Annual Meeting: Nov. 16, 2005; Election of 2006 Board
2005 Board: Roger Neal (Pres), Bill Crawford (VP), Scott Rose (Sec)

Annual Meeting: Nov. 17, 2004; Election of 2005 Board
2004 Board: Roger Neal (Pres), Bill Crawford (VP), Scott Rose (Sec)

Annual Meeting: Nov. 12, 2003; Election of 2004 Board
2003 Board: Roger Neal (Pres), Bill Kellar (VP), Scott Rose (Sec)

Annual Meeting: Nov. 13, 2002; Election of 2003 Board
2002 Board: Roger Neal (Pres), Bill Kellar (VP), Terry Brandhorst (Sec)

Annual Meeting: Nov 2001; Election of 2002 Board
2001 Board: Roger Neal (Pres), Bill Kellar (VP), Terry Brandhorst (Sec)

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