Several communities within the Midtown area between the old Third and Fourth Wards were completed by Perry Homes between 1999 and 2003 and are included in Baldwin Square Homeowners' Association (BSHA). The natural boundaries of the Association are Elgin, McGowen, Hamilton, and Caroline Streets. There are currently 165 homes within the Association.

Address Range
Anita Town Homes 1
1307, 1311, and 1315 Anita
Anita TH 2
1503, 1507, and 1509 Anita
Anita TH 3
1500 block of Anita (odd)
2900 block of Crawford (even)
Baldwin Court
2900 block of Crawford (odd)
2900 block of Jackson (even)
Baldwin Square I
2900 blocks of Austin (odd) and La Branch (even)
1400 blocks of Anita (odd) and Tuam (even)
Baldwin Square II
3000 blocks of Austin (odd) and LaBranch (even)
1400 block of Anita (odd)
Baldwin Square III
2900 block of La Branch (odd)
Baldwin Square IV
2900 block Caroline (odd)
1300 block of Tuam (even)
Baldwin Square IV
3000 blocks of Austin (odd) and La Branch (even) 1400 block of Rosalie (odd)
Caroline TH
2919, 2921, and 2923 Caroline
Crawford Court
2700 Block of Crawford (even)
1500 block of Drew (even)
Dennis St. TH, Sec. 2
2600 block of Crawford (even)
Tuam St. TH, Sec. 2
1510, 1512, and 1514 Tuam


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Baldwin Square Homeowners' Association

Anita Town Homes 1 - Anita TH 2 - Anita TH 3 - Baldwin Court - Baldwin Square
Baldwin Square II - Baldwin Square III - Baldwin Square IV - Caroline TH - Crawford Court -
Dennis St. TH, Sec. 2 - Tuam St. TH, Sec. 2

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